Feeding the soil to feed the plant.
Chilly Root Peony Farm

We have truly enjoyed our relationship with Bob, Christine and family.  They have been a pleasure to do business with and are a wealth of knowledge and experiance. 


Chilly Root Peony Farm

Here at Chilly Root Peony Farm, we are committed to a sustainable, organic and healthy farm.  We practice bio-dynamic farming and with support from Alaska Sea-Ag we have had beautiful results. 

We have used a variety of products from Alaska Sea-Ag since the inception of our peony farm
and feel we have given our plants and our soil a competitive edge that shows in the vigorous plant growth we have experienced.   The peony is a long lived plant and we want long term results, which we feel we get with Alaska Sea-Ag soil amendments and nutrients.

Michael Poole and Michelle LaFriniere
Chilly Root Peony Farm
Homer, Alaska