Feeding the soil to feed the plant.

Thanks for dropping by our new website. Allow us introduce ourselves. I am Bob and Christine Greig’s son Mark. My son Robert and I are now operating AlaskaSea-Ag LLC. Bob Greig the originator of AlaskaSea-Ag is now retired and gardening on the home place. It is our pleasure to continue the business that Dad began over seventeen years ago.
While the update of this site has been in the plans for some time, it is really a completely new site. It has been on my mind for sometime to provide a site that would serve the rural or bush gardener. That’s not to say the information found here does not apply to any garden it does.
The example found on the “links and resources” page is done with the rural or bush small plot gardener in mind. Having lived in rural Alaska myself, one of the most vexing problems is producing or simply finding nutrient dense produce. We are pleased to help in that endeavor by making these products available.
To our long time customers your continued support is deeply appreciated. Thank You! Please enjoy our new website!

Best Regards,

Mark & Robert Greig

As a third generation farmer in the United States, I recognize the need to practice regenerative agriculture. For the past eight years I have tested and proven the effectiveness of Alaska Fish Bone fertilizer. I use it exclusively in our own regenerative program growing red potatoes and have found, as others have, that effectiveness intensifies with use.

I do not believe that fertilizer alone can bring fertility and balance to the soil, no matter how good it is. I am convinced, however, that organic Alaska fish fertilizer used as part of a regenerative soil building program will do this without sacrificing yield and crop quality. Believing this, I started Alaska Sea-Ag to promote and market white cod bonemeal. It is now my goal to make organic Alaska fish fertilizer affordably available to anyone desiring to improve their soil. Alaskan Granular Fish** is available in 10 pound jugs for small gardens, 50 pound bags for larger areas; and in ton lots for ease of storage and transportation.

Our belief that “feeding the soil feeds the plant” has lead us to researching and testing other products to enhance soils and reduce stress on plants. See our complete list of products available for both the home gardener and commercial grower.

The previous statements from my Dads' original web site posted in 1993 have been tested and proven true repeatedly. Over seventeen years later, My Dad has retired and I, Mark Greig, and my son Robert D. Greig currently co-own Alaska Sea-Ag, LLC. Our mission and purpose is to carry Mom and Dad's vision and continue their agricultural philosophy  .The principles behind sustainable and organic farming and gardening are fundamentally vital for the successful future of agriculture and homegrown food. Many of these principles have been overlooked in societies rush to advance modern agricultural production.  Alaska Fish Bone Fertilizer feeds and sustains the soil based microbiology that feed our plants naturally. We believe it is extremely important to feed the soil in order to properly feed the plant. Only once this process is achieved can produce give its consumer the nutrition that is essential to lead a healthy life-style!