Feeding the soil to feed the plant.

Tomatos grown with Alaska Fish Bone Fertilizer

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Typical directions for one 20' by 20' (400 sq ft garden space)

  • Apply 20 lbs lime to plot and rake in.
  • Apply 10 lb AFBF jug + Eden to plot and thoroughly rake or till in to soil.
  • Apply Jubilate per directions at planting.
  • Apply OND  per directions.
  • Kelp, per the directions mix 1 tsp in 1 gallon water and spray.  Foliar feed every 10 calender days.

Special tools:  
Garden sprayer for foliar feeding don't skip this part it is really important even if there is lots of rain.  Its counter-intuitive, but when there is lots of rain it can leech nutrients form the soil and foliar feeding and OND drench become very important. That said don't boost the amounts recommended, think parts per million or you can burn the plant.




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