Feeding the soil to feed the plant.

Here is the foliar feed recipe Dad used for the potatoes pictured.    Apply per acre :   1 qt.  Amaze, 4 oz. soluble kelp, 1 qt. Liquid Fish, 2 cups molasses, 2 TBS. Basic H(surfactant) in 20 gallons of water.  It was applied by sprayer every 10 days.  

Alaska Sea Ag's fish bone meal plays a key role in our soil's transformation.  We use it both in the beds and in our compost.  Over the years, we have been very pleased with the results and have continued to use fish bone meal as a soil builder as we break ground in school gardens across Fairbanks -- (it's even able to transform trampled school grounds into beautiful soil!...).  


"Feeding the soil to feed the plant"

Thanks for stopping by our web site. Please let me introduce myself. My name is Bob Greig. My family and I live in the beautiful Matanuska Valley near the town of Palmer, Alaska which is situated 40 miles northeast of Anchorage. I have farmed here since 1979. Four of those years were on a dairy farm, the rest have been spent raising potatoes.

In 1987 I started looking for an alternative to chemical fertilizers. Having had good results using salmon meal as a protein supplement for dairy cows, it seemed reasonable to look to the fishing industry for a fertilizer. Those stories of the Native Americans teaching the Pilgrims to grow corn using fish for fertilizer came to mind. I discovered it really works! After several years of farm trials with various fish by-products I settled on white cod bonemeal. I found it gave the best results of any fertilizer products I used. Results were equally impressive on our vegetable and flower gardens, and we began sharing it with other local farmers.

White cod bonemeal fish fertilizer is a natural waste by-product of the fishing industry. It is made from cod grown in some of the coldest and cleanest waters of the world, the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. It is manufactured so as to preserve nutrients and will economically strengthen and build the soil over time, leaving the soil more fruitful rather than robbing it's fertility.

red and white potatoesAs a third generation farmer in the United States, I recognize the need to practice regenerative agriculture. For the past eight years I have tested and proven the effectiveness of white cod bonemeal fish fertilizer. I use it exclusively in our own regenerative program growing red potatoes and have found, as others have, that effectiveness intensifies with use. For the past five years we have experienced weather extremes, as have other parts of the world. In 1992, an early killing frost destroyed much of the potato crop. The past four years have brought drought conditions. Soils fed white cod bonemeal have brought forth better yields than those dressed with other fertilizers, and the crops have handled the stress better.

I do not believe that fertilizer alone can bring fertility and balance to the soil, no matter how good it is. I am convinced, however, that organic Alaska fish fertilizer used as part of a regenerative soil building program will do this without sacrificing yield and crop quality. Believing this, I started Alaska Sea-Ag to promote and market white cod bonemeal. It is now my goal to make organic Alaska fish fertilizer affordably available to anyone desiring to improve their soil. Alaskan Granular Fish** is available in 5 pound bags for small gardens, 50 pound bags for larger areas; and in ton lots for ease of storage and transportation.

**Because our experience with the retail market has shown that the term "bonemeal" translates into "traditional steamed bonemeal", no matter how hard we try to convince people that white cod bonemeal is NOT JUST a bonemeal, we have changed our name to Alaskan Granular Fish. This will allow expansion to other kinds of fish besides cod as the market indicates.

In 1993 AlaskaSea-Ag was using white cod bonemeal as its fertilizer almost exclusively. Over time Bob discovered that any of the fish bone available gave very consistant results.  Bob began to call it "Alaska Fish Bone fertilizer" more accurately describing AlaskaSea-Ag's product through multiple fish seasons and bone availability. (note variances "Product Analysis" PDFs)

Alaskan Granular Fish (Alaska Fish Bone Fertilizer)

This product is more than ordinary bonemeal. This fish fertilizer blended from fish meal and fish bones gives you nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, a small amount of potassium, and many micronutrients. It has been proven effective on carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, peas, lawns, pastures, hay fields, flowers, bulbs, shrubs, and fruit trees here in Alaska.

The use of Alaska Fish Bone Fertilizer has long term benefits. It aids biological life in the soil, encouraging earthworms and the proper breakdown of organic matter; thereby producing better aeration and tilth. Over several years, soil seems to "hold together" better. It actually seems to release potassium that is already present in the soil, offsetting the drawbacks of fish fertilizers' normally low potassium levels.